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This year, the opportunity has fallen to Stockholm, the foremost center of Jewish life in the Nordic region. Stockholm is the city in the North where the largest Jewish community resides, and where Jewish life is perhaps most palpable. We feel honored to continue such a rich tradition and are motivated to ensure that Stockholm's unique Jewish character is reflected in a high-quality New Year celebration in the region. Right now, we are seeking all the support we can get to strengthen our association and all the efforts involved. Due to the costs associated with this type of event, we need your help to make this event affordable. We want all Jewish youth from Scandinavia to have the opportunity to attend SJUF. We need your financial assistance. With your help, we can continue to fulfill the goals that SJUF strives for. SJUF appreciates any form of sponsorship and support you may be able to provide. By supporting us, you contribute to the preservation of Jewish culture for the next generation of Jews. In addition, your company will receive possible exposure. We can offer mentions, both on-site and on social media, or in connection with some part of the events, such as a performance or the like. We can also offer a company booth at check-in. If there is a specific part of the event you would like to contribute to, we will take that into consideration. If you choose to make a larger contribution and become a star sponsor, there is the possibility of your company's logo being displayed on a photo wall or on a big screen during the sessions. We are grateful for all levels of support and would appreciate the opportunity to discuss how we can work together to promote our common goals. If your company has any other ideas on how you'd like to be featured, we are, of course, open to suggestions, cooperative, and ready to find a possible solution. If you are interested in supporting our association or have any questions or similar, please feel free to get in touch!


“SHALOM” PACKAGE - 5 000 kr

For you those who want to promote peace and harmony. With the "Shalom" package, you spread good vibes wherever you go. You will be featured in social media posts and mentioned during the event.

“CHAI” PACKAGE - 10 000 kr

This package is for those who want to show their support for Jewish culture and tradition. With the "Chai" package, you say "L'chaim" (to life) on every occasion. You will be visible in social media posts/website, items/information in the goodie bag. Other requests are possible.

“MITZVAH” PACKAGE - 20 000 kr

This package is for those who want to do good in the world and make a difference. It's also great for those who want to support Jewish causes and organizations. With the "Mitzvah" package, you will be performing good deeds left and right. We will feature you on a photo wall, give a special speech at dinner, display your logo in our graphic content. Other requests are possible.

“MENSCH” PACKAGE - 50 000 kr

This package is for those who want to embody the qualities of a true mensch: kindness, generosity, and integrity. With the "Mensch" package, you take steps to become a true mensch yourself while helping the next generation of people with integrity and good morals. We will showcase your company at a booth during check-in, display your logo on a photo wall or on a big screen during the sessions, and include your items/information in the goodie bag. If you have any other suggestions on how your company would like to be featured, we are, of course, receptive, cooperative, and ready to discuss a possible solution.


For those who want to help but don't feel that any package suits them. Requests for anonymous contributions are also welcome.


Get a more detailed insight into what your contribution to SJUF has gone towards - you have the opportunity to participate in a mingle event.

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